Contest Winners

wtp-results-2008-octCongratulations to the winners of the October photo poll!
We asked you all to pick your favourite pictures from a shortlist of 10 swatches. The top 4 are:

  1. Large Lacy Cables
  2. Milanese Lace
  3. Chain Link Cables & Twin Leaf Lace

We’ve created some special new buttons based on the winning pictures. They’re in the buttons list to the right.

It really has been a fantastic few weeks, with volunteers contributing 50 new swatches since the beginning of October. There are many more stitch patterns being worked on as we speak, so do keep an eye out for new contributions!

A big thankyou to everyone for all their hard work.

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Welcome & Photo Contest

The Walker Treasury Project is back! 
A big welcome to our newest volunteers who signed up over the weekend.

To celebrate our new swatch claiming system and ‘new look’ blog, we thought it would be fun to showcase  some of the swatches that have already been contributed since the project was started in January 2007.  We selected a variety of work, some of which comes from our most prolific contributors. 

Scroll through these photos and pick your favourite :)  Remember its name and cast your vote in the panel at the end of this post! 

Milanese Lace
Milanese Lace

Seed Block Stitch
Seed Block Stitch, bk. 1, pg. 20

Veil Stitch
Veil Stitch

Chain Link Cables
Chain Link Cable Swatch

Brocade Chevron
brocade chevron 1cr

Large Lacy Cables
Large Lacy Cables - blocked

Twin Leaf Lace
Twin Leaf Lace

Magic Mosaic 113

Rose Trellis Lace

Moss Stitch

The poll closes at midnight (GMT), October 31st. The results will be announced shortly thereafter.

All images in this post are linked back to flickr on the individual swatch pages.

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Don’t Panic!

We’re upgrading the WTP site over the weekend, so you may notice things moving around and changing. The biggest alterations will be visible late on Sunday evening. The updates should be complete by Monday morning, about 08:00 (GMT) .

ETA: We got most of the framework in place by Monday morning. We’re now finishing up page edits and a few minor ‘tweaks’. (zeph – Oct 2nd)

All the swatches are still here – if you are looking for a particular one, type its name into the search box at the top of the righthand column. It’ll turn up!


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Hey, Ravelers!

I know there are still many, many fiber artists patiently waiting to get their invites to Ravelry (checked your status on the waiting list lately?). Those of you in the WTP community who are in this position now have one more great feature to look forward to – the Walker Treasury Project now has a companion Ravelry group. Join us, and get to know your fellow swatchers a little more!

Mod for “A Fourth Treasury”

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Vote for your favorite photo!!!

Hey Everyone –

Scroll through these photos and pick your favorite (Remember what it’s called) – then go to the link a the bottom and vote for your favorite!

Wave and Shield Pattern (Below)

Chain Link Cables (Below)

Two-Color Star Stitch

Tilting Ladders (Below)

Double Wave and Pod Cable (Below)

Candle Tree

Milanese Lace

Do you have a favorite? Go here and vote!

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Announcing the April Contest Sweep!

Hey all!

I don’t want to bog down the blog with non-swatch posts – so I’m going to delete this in 2 days.  I just want people who get the feed to find out about the awesome contests we’re doing in April!

It’s all explained in the contest tab [eta: link removed] of the site, but in brief, there will be prizes awarded and you can become eligible for them simply by…

  • commenting one someone’s post
  • joining the blog and posting your first post
  • posting a swatch with an Excellent photograph
  • posting a well-thought out, well-planned swatch or series of swatches (see the tab for this explained)
  • posting 3 swatches during the month of April (actually, anyone who does this will get an awesome WTP button to put on their knitting bag!

We’ve got some excellent prizes (knitting books, audio books, yarn) and we’re looking for some more (email us, or check out the contest tab if you’d like to donate something), so you’ll want to check the Contests tab [eta: link removed] at least once a week!

Tell your friends!  Post this on your blog, help us get the word out!  Whoo!  Free stuff!



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Do not place any of your own text above the photo – please.

(Place photo here, but keep it no wider than 450 pixels.  )

Wraps Per Inch: (Optional, but if included – please format this like so… “8 wpi” – but with your own number )
Needles: (Please provide size in mm as well as your ‘normal’ size system, e.g US sizes.)
Stitch Count Repeat:  (Please format like this…  Multiple of 8sts – don’t include the plus that Walker does)
Difficult Techniques, if any: (If not, delete this whole part)
Comments, if any: (If not, delete this whole part)

Knit by:

(If you include more photos or information, place the “more” funtion here (the icon next to the photo icon) but if not, delete this and hit post)

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