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Calling All Volunteers

Every knitter knows that Barbara Walker’s Treasuries are indispensable. We use them constantly for designing, for help with a difficult pattern, and for pure inspiration. Sometimes, though, the mostly black-and-white and small pictures keep us from seeing the full potential of a pattern. That’s where the Walker Treasury Project comes in.

We are gathering high-quality, color photos of all the patterns in all the Treasury books (including Mosaic Knitting) and putting them on the internet as a visual aide to this wonderful collection. Help your fellow knitters by choosing a pattern from a particular book, working up a nice big swatch in a light-colored yarn, and posting it to our blog. We can help you label and categorize everything. Also, keep in mind that we’re not posting the pattern, just the picture!

Head on over to ‘How to Join the project‘ and lets get started!

For Readers

Decide what you’re looking for. Hypothetically, lets say you’re looking for a unique rib pattern for a set of socks you want to design, but you only own the first book. In the sidebar, look under “By Book and Chapter,” and click on “Ribbings” under the category of any of the books you own – the only posts that will show will be from the book you own, from the “Ribbings” section. Alternately – this blog has a search function. Search for stitches per inch, wraps per inch, particular yarns or even something that might show up in descriptions (like “stretchy”).  You could also search by stitch repeats.  So say you’re knitting yourself a cozy aran sweater with a base of 120 sts on the front.  You’ve charted out all the front – except for the 10 sts on each side.  You could do a search for “multiple of 10 sts,” “multiple of 5 sts,” or “multiple of 2 sts” to get an idea of what to put there!

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