Welcome & Photo Contest

The Walker Treasury Project is back! 
A big welcome to our newest volunteers who signed up over the weekend.

To celebrate our new swatch claiming system and ‘new look’ blog, we thought it would be fun to showcase  some of the swatches that have already been contributed since the project was started in January 2007.  We selected a variety of work, some of which comes from our most prolific contributors. 

Scroll through these photos and pick your favourite :)  Remember its name and cast your vote in the panel at the end of this post! 

Milanese Lace
Milanese Lace

Seed Block Stitch
Seed Block Stitch, bk. 1, pg. 20

Veil Stitch
Veil Stitch

Chain Link Cables
Chain Link Cable Swatch

Brocade Chevron
brocade chevron 1cr

Large Lacy Cables
Large Lacy Cables - blocked

Twin Leaf Lace
Twin Leaf Lace

Magic Mosaic 113

Rose Trellis Lace

Moss Stitch

The poll closes at midnight (GMT), October 31st. The results will be announced shortly thereafter.

All images in this post are linked back to flickr on the individual swatch pages.

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