Do not place any of your own text above the photo – please.

(Place photo here, but keep it no wider than 450 pixels.  )

Wraps Per Inch: (Optional, but if included – please format this like so… “8 wpi” – but with your own number )
Needles: (Please provide size in mm as well as your ‘normal’ size system, e.g US sizes.)
Stitch Count Repeat:  (Please format like this…  Multiple of 8sts – don’t include the plus that Walker does)
Difficult Techniques, if any: (If not, delete this whole part)
Comments, if any: (If not, delete this whole part)

Knit by:

(If you include more photos or information, place the “more” funtion here (the icon next to the photo icon) but if not, delete this and hit post)

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