Large Lacy Cables

Large Lacy Cables - blocked

Yarn: generic wool/acrylic blend 20%/80%
Wraps Per Inch: 10 wpi
Needles: 3mm aluminium (prym)
Gauge: 25 st and 34 rows to 10cm/4 inches in pattern (blocked)
Pattern: Large Lacy Cables
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 30 stitches
Book: Charted Knitting Designs – A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 146

Comments: Swatch is 2 repeats + 9 st (28cm) wide and 2 repeats (24cm) high. Requires a lot of blocking to enhance the eyelets in the pattern. The reverse has a lot of structural interest, see below. If the piece is left unblocked, the cables are more pronounced.

knit by zeph

Reverse side of the blocked swatch
Large Lacy Cables - reverse, blocked
Front and Reverse of the swatch before it was blocked
Large Lacy Cables - unblocked Large Lacy Cables - reverse, unblocked


10 Responses to “Large Lacy Cables”

  1. Emilee Says:

    That’s beautiful!

  2. Davin Says:

    That is soooo very pretty, I love how the back looks like it could be the right side of a project!

  3. Bonnie Says:

    Thank you for an excellent swatch and informative post!

  4. sappho Says:

    thanks very much for the back view and for the unbloked version–I think blocking skills are a real mark of knitting dedication.

  5. missbitesalot Says:

    What a lovely swatch, and I really dig the color too. Also, the wrong side is as pretty or prettier than the right side–don’tcha just love surprises? :P

  6. Helmut Says:

    That is fantastic! I love the front and the back really is attractive as well. Great swatch with even better notes. Thanks!

  7. phoenix Says:

    I love that you showed the swatch blocked and unblocked. Beautiful work.

  8. helen Says:

    this is can one get the pattern?

  9. lakshmimoorty Says:

    Love this color of the swatch. I alos have kniited this Pattern in an afghan in 2003. But did not know about this Project. I just now found it today!

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