How to Claim and Complete

In Part 1 (How to Search for Available Patterns) you learned how to find a pattern to knit.  Now you want to claim it before some other intrepid knitter gets to it.  Let us show you how.

How to Claim an Available Pattern

Our knitter, FloridaisHOT, has searched the available patterns and has decided that she wants to knit “Grillwork Lattice”, a Cable-Stitch pattern from the Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns.  Great choice!  She writes this information down (very important) and now she must officially join the Walker Treasury Project.

Joining the Walker Treasury Project

Joining the Project is not hard at all.  Simply click on the Claim Tab, then the Volunteer Form.

Please note:  Some fields are mandatory so we can contact you in regards to your Pattern.

Fill in the fields and hit Submit.  Remember the user name that you provide as that is the only information necessary in order to claim patterns. Also please remember to use the same email address that you used to sign up for WordPress.

How to Claim a Pattern

Now that FloridaisHOT has joined the Project, she wants to claim Grillwork lattice as her Pattern.  Under the Claim Patterns tab is the Stitch Claim Form.  Click on this form and fill out the appropriate fields.

Claimed Form

Claimed Form

Note:  Please be patient.  The Form is doing a lot of stuff in the background.

Success!!!  FloridaisHOT has claimed the GrillWork Lattice Pattern as hers to knit.  In order to confirm this, she can click on the Search Patterns tab, then click on Claimed Patterns.

Claimed View

Claimed View

Although an email has been sent to her email address to inform her that she is the lucky claimant, she can also check her to see when her swatch is due.  So now FloridaisHOT knows she has until December 30 to knit, block, and post her swatch.

Marking the Pattern as Complete

After 3 solid hours of knitting, FloridaisHOT has finished a pretty 6″ x6″ swatch of Grillwork Cables.  She has blocked it and photographed it and posted it to the Flickr Group and the Walker Treasury Project (you know, following the rules!).  Now she needs to mark it as Complete in the Pattern Database.

FloridaisHOT clicks on Claim Patterns, then clicks on Mark Pattern As Complete.

Mark Pattern as Complete

Mark Pattern as Complete

FloridaisHOT is now done.  She has knit, blocked, photographed, and posted her swatch to the Walker Treasury Project.  Her contribution is now memorialized as a beautiful legacy to the work of this excellent knitter.

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