Coin Cable

Yarn: Nashua Creative Focus Worsted Superwash
Needles: US 7, 4.5mm
Gauge: 6.5 st per inch
Pattern: Coin Cable
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 9 sts
Book: 2nd Treasury, Cables section
Page: 261

Knit by: karenzander


2 Responses to “Coin Cable”

  1. Lisa M. Says:

    Hi Karen! You make lovely swatches! I’m a newby and have claimed a couple of swatches but can’t figure out the directions on the “Rules” page for posting my swatch. So far I haven’t received a reply to my multiple requests for help. Since you seem to know what you’re doing, would you be willing to help me with the techie part?

    Happy knitting!
    Kind regards,

  2. proje portalı Says:

    hand knitted very nice.

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