Yarn: Berrocco Vintage, Colors: Breezeway and Chambray
Wraps Per Inch:
Needles: 4.5 mm, US7
Gauge: 5 sts, 7 rows per inch
Pattern: Magic Mosaic #38
Stitch Count Repeat: 
Book: Mosaic Knitting
Page: 210

Knit by: Kristie Tuthill


3 Responses to “#38”

  1. Spunknit Says:

    Very evenly knit in such a lovely colorway!

    • nextvangogh Says:

      Thank you so much. It was a really easy knit, I am definitely going to make more of these blocks. I wasn’t sure about mosaics at first, but I am hooked now!

  2. Custom Patches Says:

    Hope you can post some more of your recent knits. I love the color of this block. Keep it up.

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