English Lace

English Lace 1

Yarn: Cascade 220
Wraps Per Inch: 9 wraps per inch
Needles: 5 mm, size 9 US
Gauge: 4.5 spi
Pattern: English Lace
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 8 stitches
Book: A Second Treasury of Stitch Patterns
Page: 287
Difficult Techniques: Purl 2 together through back loop (see comments below).
Comments: To give a lacier effect with this thicker yarn, I used a needle one size larger than I usually use for this yarn.  In addition, this pattern needs to be blocked to get the lace to show better.

The lace is worked on both knit and purl rows.

Purl 2 together through back loop actually twists the stitches on the knit side.  You can see this if you look very closely, on the right side of the motif, that some of the stitches are twisted.  I worked this as written with the p2tog tbl, but if I were doing it in a garment, I would either twist stitches on both sides to give a slightly more pronounced effect, or reverse the mount of the purl stitches before purling through the back loop.   If worked in a fine laceweight with large needles, I don’t think it would matter.

Knit by: liakno (ravelry id)


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  1. Spunknit Says:

    This is such a pretty stitch, and you’ve knitted it beautifully.

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