Grand Trefoil

Grand Trefoil
Yarn: Cascade 220
Wraps Per Inch: 10 wpi
Needles: US #6
Gauge: 11 sts X 18 rows over 4 inches X 4 inches (10 cm X 10 cm) in pattern
Pattern: Grand Trefoil
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 5 plus 3
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting
Chapter: Lace Patterns
Page: 263

Like most lace, this pattern needs vigorous blocking or it looks a bit of a mess. I could have stretched it even more if I’d used a looser cast on and bind off and hadn’t surrounded the swatch with a garter stitch border. Walker does recommend a very loose cast on and bind off in the book. It’s a garter-based lace and as such, is reversible and does not curl. No picture of the back this time. The book appears to show the pattern in a crochet cotton thread or lace-weight type of yarn so I thought I’d try it in worsted weighted weight. A very easy pattern but it helps to pay attention as picking up dropped stitches is a challenge.

Knit by: phoenix


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  1. A series of one-night stands Says:

    […] extra bonus is contributions for the Walker Treasury Project. Woot! Grand Trefoil (above) is a pattern that’s always caught my eye because it looks like a cell structure you […]

  2. Ruth Says:

    another comment: this lace is essentially reversible. it looks the same on both sides.

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