Herringbone Lace

Yarn: Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, 182 Buttercup
Wraps Per Inch: 13
Needles: US#3, 3.25 mm, Knitpicks 16″ Harmony Circular
Gauge: 5.1 sts/in, 3 repeats=3.5″
Pattern: Herringbone Lace
Stitch Count Repeat:  6
Book: A Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 197-198
Comments, if any:  Can be made longer by repeating odd and even rows. My second swatch is in handspun Shetland at a gauge of 6.4 st/in in lace.

Knit by: Phreadde Davis, aka fibergal


3 Responses to “Herringbone Lace”

  1. Spunknit Says:

    Very pretty stitch. Good idea showing two different yarn weights, too.

  2. Brenda Says:

    Nice! I just started playing with this one myself, but using a heavier weight Malabrigo worsted – it’s a very versatile stitch!

  3. Onestitchatatime Says:

    That would really make a beautiful scarf!

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