Dice Check

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Needles: Size 6 US (4mm)
Gauge: 18 sts = 4 inches
Pattern: Dice Check
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 4 sts
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 51
Comments: One of my favorite color patterns, but this picture doesn’t do it justice. It is very easy to work. It can look like a plaid if you choose similar color combinations or it can look like a checked fabric you choose random colors. If you want the “plaid” effect, make color A the “middle” color (light purple in my sample).

Knit by: Spunknit

3 Responses to “Dice Check”

  1. Suzann Says:

    It looks lovely. I love when we get to see the mosaic patterns in color. You did a great job with it.

  2. sappho Says:

    I like this too–it looks like it would be keep one interested while knitting, and since its only two rows at a time, easy to incorporate into almost any pattern

  3. Kathleen Wagner Says:

    I have done this pattern in white, light blue, and slightly darker blue. It was part of a sweater designed to go with my little daughter’s blue gingham-checked overalls, and it looked wonderful. (She’s fourteen now, and of course she doesn’t wear it anymore!) Bands of these simple slip-stitch color patterns are easy to work into a round-yoke seamless sweater, and are just as handsome and infinitely less trouble than the usual Fair Isle stranded patterns.

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