Parenthetical Rib

Parenthetical Rib

Yarn: Cascade 220, yellow
Needles: US #6/4mm KnitPicks Options
Gauge: 4.5 st/inch after blocking
Pattern: Parenthetical Rib
Stitch Count Repeat: 12 sts
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 130
Knit by: Emilee

4 Responses to “Parenthetical Rib”

  1. Week 7 - Parenthetical Rib « Emilee Knits Says:

    […] week’s swatch is Parenthetical Rib from the Second Treasury.  Eh, I’m not a fan. It reminds me too much of a labrys or other […]

  2. Zeph Says:

    lovely swatch – thankyou for working it even though it’s not a favourite :)

  3. Jaala Spiro Says:

    Hey, thanks for posting that stitch pattern! It’s just perfect for a hat I’d like to design. Somehow that one never jumped out at me in the book, but knitted up, it looks gorgeous!

  4. spunknit Says:

    This one didn’t jump out of the book at me, either. It is a fun looking stitch. Nicely done.

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