Double Stockinette, or Miniature Herringbone

Double Stockinette, or Miniature Herringbone
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino
Wraps Per Inch: 12 wpi
Needles: US #15
Gauge: 18 sts X 14 rows over 4 inches X 4 inches (10 cm X 10 cm) in pattern
Pattern: Double Stockinette, or Miniature Herringbone
Stitch Count Repeat: Any number
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting
Chapter: Fancy Texture Patterns
Page: 133

Knit by phoenix

As BW says, this is a very dense and thick pattern, the fabric it made was a little over 1 cm thick. It eats a lot of yarn. I started my swatches on US#12 needles and decided to work them on 15s but I think it could be worked on even larger needles without making much difference in the density of the fabric. As she mentions, it will still compress a lot. I would work it on the largest needles you can stand for comfort. She also recommends that you try it in two colors, especially two related colors for effect. I tried a bunch of combinations including the grays here. You can judge whether you think it enhances or detracts from the herringbone effect.
Double Stockinette, or Miniature Herringbone back
Double Stockinette, or Miniature Herringbone two color
Double Stockinette, or Miniature Herringbone two color back


6 Responses to “Double Stockinette, or Miniature Herringbone”

  1. Christine Says:

    I know how rough this stitch is to work when you use a rough yarn, I gave up on a skirt in this stitch knit sideway because it set off my carpal tunnel syndrome.

    I like it best in one color myself.

    Mittens are supper warm in this stitch too, and look best knit sideways, although the thumb is a pain.

  2. zeph Says:

    Thankyou for showing both versions.

    Given the current cold snap here, I’m particularly interested in stitches that produce thick fabrics.

  3. phoenix Says:

    It would make really toasty mittens and hats definitely. It’s 10ºF here so warm gear is really tempting too!

  4. spunknit Says:

    Very nice swatch in such an interesting pattern. I did this long ago for a small purse, it did compress a lot and was very thick. It was tiring to make, also. The color plays are interesting, but I think better to look at your samples than to knit it myself!

  5. doilyhead Says:

    I figured out to knit this pattern in the round, without a seam showing; and made a bunch of hats for friends and relatives. I also knit a purse, but the yarn was too soft. The pattern would also be great using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Adult Surprise Jacket. I may have knitted a man’s sweater (two of them actually) on straight needles, but I would definitely use circular needles next time. Finally, two of my most competent test knitters could not work this stitch pattern — because they are/were English style knitters… I also knitted a hat in two colors, which forced me to carry the yarn in both hands…

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