Little Pyramid

Little Pyramid

Little Pyramid

Yarn:   Rowan Cashsoft DK
Needles:  US 6, 4.0mm
Gauge:  22 st. to 4″
Pattern:  Little Pyramid
Stitch Count Repeat:  Multiple of 6 stitches
Book:  A second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 9
Comments, if any:  Needs to be firmly blocked, especially in the vertical plane, for the pattern to show well.

Knit by:  MontanaDun


2 Responses to “Little Pyramid”

  1. spunknit Says:

    Looks great and love your color choice!

  2. ldp Says:

    The name of the pattern uses — at least in the copy of the book I have — a plural: Pyramids. Thus, it did not show up with a search. I had to page through to try to find it and did so by chance.

    The information about blocking is what I had hoped to find. I am working on this pattern and the pyramids are difficult to see as is. Blocking is absolutely necessary.



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