Tiny Check

Tiny Check

Tiny Check

Yarn: Red Heart
Needles: Size 7 U.S. (4.5mm)
Gauge: 20 sts = 4 inches
Pattern: Tiny Check
Stitch Count Repeat: Odd # of sts
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 47
Difficulties: Must use dpns or circular needles, but pattern is very simple to accomplish.
Comments, if any: Makes a nice thick dense material. I should have used larger needles.

Knit by: Spunknit

3 Responses to “Tiny Check”

  1. Essie Webber Says:

    Beautiful! And beautifuly done.

    It’s just what I was looking for! Now if only I could get my knitting books out of the bottom of the stack of boxes in the garage! Moving guys stuck them where I can never get them out alone. I own WAlker’s “A Treasury…” 1 – 3 (but not the color charts book).

    If any one could send me the stitch instructions for this pattern, I swear it’s not ripping off the author in any way! I so want to get started on the cardigan for my son and have been puzzling how to use the various colored yarns I have — Eureka! — this is the answer! Thanks for all who contribute to this wonderful project. I’d do a swatch myself if I could ever get the books dug out. :( Essie

  2. Joyce Says:

    Where is the pattern??? I have listened to two long ads that I have no need for! I want the pattern!

  3. spunknit Says:

    Hi Joyce, the pattern is in Barbara Walker’s book, A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns on page 47. Hope that helps.

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