Tiny Bowknot

Tiny Bowknot

Tiny Bowknot

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft
Needles: Size 7 U.S. (4.5mm)
Gauge: 23 sts = 4 inches
Pattern: Tiny Bowknot
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 6 sts
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 125
Comments: A very pretty stitch, very easy to accomplish.

Knit by: Spunknit


8 Responses to “Tiny Bowknot”

  1. AzaleaP Says:

    Isn’t this a Fancy _Texture_ pattern, not Color?

  2. Jan Says:

    I’ve just started a sweater with this pattern and am having trouble with it. When you insert the rt. needle into the st below the st on the left needle, what do you do with the st on the left needle, do you drop it? Thanks for your help.

  3. spunknit Says:

    Jan, yes, you do just drop the stitch on the left needle. Sorry it took so long getting back to you on this. Good luck with your sweater!

  4. Rosanne Says:

    I can’t find the instructions for the tiny bowknot. I have a pattern that does not make sense.


  5. spunknit Says:

    Maybe if you explain the problem you are having, we can help you better.

  6. Laurie in Maine Says:

    I just used this stitch for palm of mittens pattern I designed pulling 3 or 4 patterns from book 2. Very neat texture that didn’t seem to show up at first – until the bow ties stretched into place? Will use again!

  7. connie gill Says:

    I have not been successful with the tiny bow knot. Insert the needle front or back? The stitch below looks like a purl stitch.

  8. spunknit Says:

    For the knit one below, insert the needle from the front into the central purl stitch. Hope that helps!

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