Mosaic Band 50


Yarn: Palette by Knit Picks colors: lemon (yellow) & pool(blue)
Needles: size 1 US (2.5 mm)
Gauge:9 stitches per inch
Pattern: Band 50
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 8sts
Book: Mosaic Knitting
Page:123 (shown as figure 91)
Comments, if any: I knit this pattern back and forth , but I also made a pair of socks using this pattern and since I knitted them in the round, I only knit one row per pattern row, instead of two. There is a photo of the socks in my Ravelry account – GinnyJones

Knit by: Ginny Jones


5 Responses to “Mosaic Band 50”

  1. pokey13 Says:

    This stitch reminds me of Honeycomb cereal :-)

  2. Suzann Says:

    Lovely, it almost looks like embroidery. What lovely even stitches you have

  3. sappho Says:

    i think that maybe if you used this for a side-to-side knitted jacket pattern (for example) it might look like flowers on a stem…

  4. maggie Says:

    This is a beautiful pattern and color combination!You’ve inspired me to learn this technique.

    • ginnyjones Says:

      Thanks so much for your kind comment. I must warn you that mosaic patterns can become addictive. I hope that you will enjoy knitting them. Ginny Jones

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