Seed Stitch

Seed Stitch

Yarn: Ella Rae Classic, Color #10
Needles: US #6/4mm KnitPicks Options
Gauge: 5 st/inch after blocking
Pattern: Seed Stitch
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 2 stitches
Book: A Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 11

Comments: An oldie but a goodie. This pattern is identical on both sides and has an interesting texture.

Knit by: Emilee


3 Responses to “Seed Stitch”

  1. Swatch Saturday: Seed Stitch « Emilee Knits Says:

    […] is Seed Stitch. It is an oldie but a goodie, a true classic pattern.  It is just as easy to work as K1 P1 […]

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Great photo!

  3. sappho Says:

    A stitch I love — I find myself using it a lot, especially when I like almost everything about a sweater design, often I can make myself happy by using seed or moss or double seed instead…

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