Little Honeycomb Lace

p250 Little Honeycomb Lace

Yarn: Sirdar Tropicana, cotton effect dk
Wraps Per Inch: 10 wpi
Needles: 3mm aluminium (prym)
Gauge: 19 st and 30 rows to 10cm/4 inches in pattern, blocked
Pattern: Little Honeycomb Lace
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 3 stitches
Book: Charted Knitting Designs – A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 250

Comments: The swatch was 6 repeats wide and high. Blocked, it measured 4in wide by 3.2in high. Unblocked it was 2.6in wide by 2.75in high. It’s less stretchy than honeycomb lace over the same number of stitches/rows and may benefit from less ‘severe’ blocking than that in the picture. The unblocked version appears below for comparison.

Knit by: zeph

250 Little Honeycomb Lace - unblocked


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  1. Spunknit Says:

    Nice comparison on how blocking can make such a difference! I really liked this, but when I saw the honeycomb lace below, I think I prefer that as the hourglass shape around the eyelets are more defined. Very nice.

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