Jacob’s Ladder

jacob's ladder

Yarn:100% cotton Botto Poala
Wraps Per Inch: 8
Gauge:8 stitches per inch
Pattern:Jacob’s Ladder
Stitch Count Repeat:  7 stitches

Knit by:Denise


4 Responses to “Jacob’s Ladder”

  1. sappho Says:

    It’s great to see a new photo up here! And such a sweet springtimey color!

  2. Suzann Says:

    Ahhh your back, great!!! It looks like a good stitch pattern for socks. It might break up those commercial patterned yarns too.

  3. John Ranck Says:

    You might want to check the spelling of 7 stices – otherwise a lovely pattern.

  4. Piperbarb Says:

    I’ve used this pattern for more than a few pair of socks. And, yes, it does make handpainted and other nonsolid color yarns more interesting.

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