Ostrich Plumes

Yarn: Patons Grace
Wraps Per Inch: 16 wpi
Needles: US7
Gauge: 6 sts per inch
Pattern: Ostrich Plumes
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 16 sts.
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 278
Comments: I would normally have cropped this photo to show only the swatch, but I think part of the charm of this pattern is the wavy edges.  There’s a close-up in the “More” section for those interested.

Knit by: judiper

Here’s a close-up of the swatch:

Close-up of Ostrich Plumes


11 Responses to “Ostrich Plumes”

  1. monica Says:

    hmmm… this looks exactly like the ostrich feather lace in the vogue stitchionary 1 (pattern 108)

    and i agree, i love love love that wavy edge.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    This is one of my all-time favorite stitch patterns. You knit it up beautifully.

  3. judiper Says:

    Thanks for the kind words! “Ostrich Feather Lace” as another name for this pattern makes sense…I don’t have the book in front of me, so can’t put down the exact quote, but if I remember it correctly, Barbara Walker wrote that this pattern is the traditional “Feather and Fan” varied by a half-drop.

  4. sappho Says:

    speaking of Barbara Walker, my vogue knitting magazine came yesterday with a somewhat strange interview with her.

  5. zeph Says:

    this is lovely :)

  6. Ms.Janaki Rao Says:

    The ostrich plumes pattern is simply divine and wonder if you would be able to share the pattern with me. Would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  7. annalilly Says:

    In my Vogue Stitchionary the vertical center lines of the “feather” look very distinct, using (sl 2sts knitwise-k1-psso) and (sl 1-k2tog-psso). Yours looks much more delicate, which I prefer. Which decrease method did you use?

  8. Janet Roetken Says:

    Forgive me but where are the directions? Advertised as free patterns. Do you think this is a workable project for a tablecloth or place mats?

  9. zeph Says:

    I’ve seen table runner instructions that use a similar stitch pattern, so yes I think ‘ostrich plumes’ could work quite well for tablecloths or mats.

    The directions for ‘ostrich plumes’ may be found in Barbara Walker’s 2nd treasury of knitting patterns on page 278.
    The treasury books may be available from your local library. Alternatively, if you wish to purchase a copy, they are available from amazon or directly from Schoolhouse Press.

    We do not include any instructions on this site, as they are all published in books that are still in print and are subject to copyright legislation.

  10. Gary Cantara Says:

    This post reminds of me of marmite… You either love it, or you hate it… AND I LOVE IT! :)

  11. angelmoon9 Says:

    As a great lover of the feather and fan pattern I am happy to see another version of it, it leaves amazing edges, thank you for sharing

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