Little Check

Small Check

Yarn:Ornaghi Filati Red Dune Mercerized Cotton
Wraps Per Inch: 9W.P.I.

Needles:  7
Gauge:8 stitches = 1 inch
Stitch Count Repeat:  multiple of 10 plus 1
Book: A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

Knit by Denise


 the attractive back side

small check reverse


3 Responses to “Little Check”

  1. missbitesalot Says:

    This would make neat placemats. I like how simple but graphic it is. Great work!

  2. Elizabeth GM Says:

    Agreed with missbitesalot. I also was struck by the fact that BW considered the reverse stockinette the right side. I’m so much more drawn to the “attractive wrong side,” that in my mind it becomes the right side.

  3. Red Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Until now, this did not seem like such an interesting pattern. But now, I’m thinking of using it for the solid colored stripes alternating with varigated stripes in plain stockingnette for a baby blanket.

    And I agree with Elizabeth GM that the wrong side looks better than the right side.

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