Framed Cable

Yarn: Berrocco Utra Alpaca, color 6285
Wraps Per Inch: 8 w.p.i.
Needles: Balene 6
Gauge: approx. 5.5 stitches per inch
Pattern: Framed Cable
Stitch Count Repeat:  Panel of 18 stitches
Book: Second Treasury
Page: 178
Difficult Techniques, if any: The single cross will work better and look more defined if you twist the stitches on front and back . And the cable looks a bit different if you try to use it as an overall panel. See more

Knit by: Laurie E. Osborne

Here is a picture of the back of an aran sweater I designed and knit. I used three repeats of the framed cable as the center panel. You will note that the interior single cable crosses look a bit softer, more like waves, while the edge single cross design creates a more pointed effect.

I liked the effect, and it was a lot of fun to knit!


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  1. Smuddpie Says:

    Very nice, Karen. Thank you so much for the extra information!

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