Double Wave And Pod Cable

Double Wave and Pod Cable

Yarn: generic wool and acrylic blend 50%/50%
Wraps Per Inch: 10 wpi
Needles: 3mm aluminium (prym)
Gauge: 28 st and 36 rows to 10cm/4 inches in stockinette
Pattern: Double Wave and Pod Cable
Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 28 stitches
Book: Charted Knitting Designs – A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 94

Comments: Stitches per row vary at different points in the pattern, so gauge in stockinette. The panel was worked at the same time as the “wave and pod cable“. It ended up 1 repeat (66mm) wide and 2 repeats (157mm) high.

Knit by: zeph


5 Responses to “Double Wave And Pod Cable”

  1. horve1 Says:

    Very nice! Perfect yarn choice for this pattern, great knitting and picture!

  2. Laura Says:

    Another totally cool cable. I like this one a lot better than the single wave for some reason.

  3. miss m Says:

    how would this look with more than one repeat?

  4. zeph Says:

    It does have more than one repeat vertically – do you mean an extra repeat horizontally?

  5. missbitesalot Says:

    As quoted from my comment on the Barred and Braided Cable post since there are a few posts with a comment taking issue with repeats:

    “Panel patterns don’t need to be repeated horizontally across the swatch as it dilutes focus from the pattern. More than one repeat vertically is always nice, but on a really huge panel it can be difficult to fit all those repeats in and still be close enough to show the pattern. :) ”

    –Jade, Charted Knitting Designs moderator

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