Umbrella Pattern

Umbrella Pattern

yarn: Knit Picks Bare, fingering weight, self dyed

needle: 3mm

Gauge: 6 sts= 1 inch, 8 rows = 1 inch

Pattern: Umbrella Pattern, multiples of 18 + 1

book: A treasury of Knitting Patterns, page 162-163

WPI: 22

repeat: 3 repaets wide, 4 repeats high with a seed stitch border

made by : Monika


3 Responses to “Umbrella Pattern”

  1. Laura Says:

    I love the umbrellas! Very cool pattern. I’ve skimmed right by the boring photo in the book tons of times. Seeing yours in color makes me wonder what I can use it for… :-)

  2. luvs2knit Says:

    I like the stitch pattern and I love the color of your yarn. What type of dye did you use? The swatch looks great. :)

  3. zeph Says:

    The color really brings this one to life :)

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