1×1 Twisted Ribbing

1×1 Twisted Ribbing, originally uploaded by expknitter.

A Treasury of Knitting Patterns, page 39
Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride worsted
Needle Size: 8 (5 mm)
Gauge: 4 1/2 st/in in stockinette st on size 8 needles
Comments: A variation of 1×1 ribbing, wherein each k st is k tbl on right side and each p is p tbl on wrong side.

5 Responses to “1×1 Twisted Ribbing”

  1. Emma in Seattle Says:

    This looks like a regular 1 x 1 ribbing and the one below looks like the 1 x 1 twisted ribbing.

  2. lacabeza Says:

    Emma in Seattle: I think I see the crossover “X” at the bottom of the knit stitches in this swatch. It is a tad difficult to discern because of the weight and slight curl in the yarn but it is definitely there.

  3. Deb Says:

    To me, it looks like she twisted her knits on the right side, but did not twist the purls on the wrong side– thus 1/2 twisted rib.

  4. Suzann Eshleman Says:

    I agree completely with Deb above–this sample is 1/2 twisted 1 x 1 rib.

  5. Brandon Says:

    It’s about time that someone like this finally runs for president. Cross your fingers for 2012.

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