Small Quilted Cross Stitch

Small Quilted Rib
Yarn: Reynolds Saucy 100% Mercerized Cotton, color 728
Needles: US 5/3.75mm and US 4/3.50mm
Gauge: approx. 5 st./inch in pattern with US 5; approx. 5.25 st/inch with US 4
Pattern: Small Quilted Cross Stitch
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: p. 122
Notes: As Walker notes in her comments on this pattern, it creates a dense fabric that does not curl. In addition, the bind-off edge has an interesting picot look. In this swatch the rows below the marker were knit with a US5 needle, and those above with US4. I used more than one needle size since I am considering using this pattern for a handbag and wanted to compare. The reverse side is different but also attractive, so this might make a good pattern for a warm winter scarf.
Knit by: Bonnie


5 Responses to “Small Quilted Cross Stitch”

  1. bbinnj Says:

    The picot bind-off edge is cute. Wondr if you get that effect when you combine this stitch with say garter or stockinette.

  2. elanknits Says:

    Gorgeous, I’ll be starting a project with that asap, off to sketch.

  3. lulu Says:

    I wish photos of reverse sides were posted on this site, since for me that is the biggest omission in the Walker treasuries (and most other stitch dictionaries), next to the absence of charts.

  4. Planning Etsy shop opening « Chocololic Knits Blog Says:

    […] knitting a nice cushy pink scarf, the pattern looks awesome (stitch pattern here) but takes a lot longer than I realized (I watched like half a season of […]

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