Daisy Stitch

daisystitch, originally uploaded by kathynorrisdesigns.

Yarn: Lion Brand Babysoft, Bubblegum

Needles: US #6

Gauge: 5 sts/1 inch

Pattern: Daisy Stitch

Stitch count repeat: mulitples of 4 sts + 1

Book: A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

Page: 153

Knit by: Knitting Muse

2 Responses to “Daisy Stitch”

  1. Helmut Says:

    I love the happy look of the Daisy stitch, but the execution of it makes me want to stab people with my needles. Your swatch looks excellent and you have more patience than I ever will. :)

  2. “Asteri Scarf”…..stay warm with this new design Says:

    […] together very well for “Asteri Scarf” is the stitch pattern. While I really like the “Star (Daisy) Stitch”, I wanted something similar but different. I swatched with larger needles, finer yarn – […]

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