Frost Flowers

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton

Colour: Shell Pink

Wraps Per Inch: 14

Needles: 4.5 mm

Gauge: 20 sts = 4 inches

Pattern: Frost Flowers

Stitch Count Repeat: Multiple of 34 sts plus 2

Book: A Treasury of Knitting Patterns

Page: 204

Knit by: Rochelle


12 Responses to “Frost Flowers”

  1. Sherri Says:

    Another pattern that I have been planning to use – it’s great to see it worked up like this. In my first attempt to swatch it, I got lost! (Duh.)

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    […] photo, and submitt it! Check it out, definitely a source of inspiration. I have fallen in love with some of the stitch patterns. Now I just need to find those books, and save up some […]

  3. Rochelle Says:

    I always use a ruler as I go down the pattern rows. It helps me keep my place. If it was a pattern I would use on a regular basis I would probably chart it. That’s what I did with the star pattern from the second treasury.

  4. Debby Says:

    Umm, I think this photo is upside down.

  5. Rochelle Says:

    I don’t think so but I will check the book tonight and if it is I will rotate the image. Thanks for telling me.

  6. els Says:

    That’s unique

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    […] частей, которые потом сшиваются вместе.Первый узор = Frost Flowers, Ravelry (из книги Barbara Walker «A Treasury of Knitting Patterns», с.204).Второй […]

  8. smartygirl Says:

    i am working on a dress featuring this pattern… kill me now! ha.

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    […] recognised the pattern as “Frost Flowers” from Barbara Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. It features on its cover! Despite appearances, it is a very easy lace pattern. It consists of only […]

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    […] is a gorgeous stole. It’s a frost flowers lace pattern — which, according to Barbara Walker, is one of the oldest lace patterns around. This version is a lovely application by Charlene […]

  11. junie2junie2 Says:

    where can i get the pattern please

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