Dollar Cable

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Yarn: Misti Alpaca Chunky
Needles: 5.5mm
Gauge: listed at 3.5 sts per inch for stockingette
Pattern: Dollar Cable
Stitch Count Repeat: 12 sts
Book: Second Treasury
Page: 168
Two repeats shown with a k tbl rib separating them.

Knit by Poppins One of the few ways to get a round motif in knitting. Simple to do but enjoyable. Suitable for beginners.


5 Responses to “Dollar Cable”

  1. Emilee Says:

    What an interesting pattern!

    And thanks for posting such a clear, beautiful swatch.

  2. Mary Says:

    Thanks for posting this!
    Recently, I saw an Aran sweater with this cable running all over it, and I was fascinated. Now I know where to find it… thanks for posting, it’s a very good swatch and photograph.

  3. Mary de B Says:

    I like this one a lot!

  4. jujuridl Says:

    Yummy yarn choice. I love it with this cable!

  5. wendee Says:

    Ooo, interesting one. At first I was thinking it looked like little coins stacked up. And then I re-read the name. Ah-ha! I get it!

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