Re-crossing/Wave Cable-Twist Lace Pattern

re-crossing or wave cable twist
Yarn: Ella Rae Classic, Color #10
Needles: US #6/4mm KnitPicks Options
Gauge: 5 st/inch after blocking
Pattern: Re-crossing/Wave Cable-Twist Lace Pattern
Stitch Count Repeat: Panel of 15 Stitches
Book: Charted Knitting Designs: A Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 172
Notes: This pattern is worked by alternating left cable-twists and right cable-twists. The swatch shown was worked left-right-left.

Knit by: Emilee

Here is a comparison of the three cable-twist lace patterns. From left to right, they are: left cable twist lace pattern, right cable-twist lace pattern, re-crossing/wave cable-twist lace pattern.

cable-twist lace compare

and here is the same photo, with the left crosses highlighted in red and the right crosses highlighted in green.

cable-twist lace compare highlighted


3 Responses to “Re-crossing/Wave Cable-Twist Lace Pattern”

  1. bluepeninsula Says:

    Great swatches and photos! The highlighting is a nice touch.

  2. myartfullife Says:

    The thoroughness of this swatch post makes it especially useful. Great job!

  3. Val Says:

    What a great idea, to knit a swatch and display it.
    Well done.

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