Embossed Moss Stitch Ribbing

Embossed Moss Stitch Ribbing

Yarn: Jaeger Matchmaker Merino Aran
Wraps Per Inch: 12 wpi
Needles: Addi Turbo, size 6 US
Gauge: 5 sts per inch stockinette
Pattern: Embossed Moss Stitch Ribbing
Stitch Count Repeat: 7
Book: A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (Book 1)
Page: 40

Knit by: Karen B.


2 Responses to “Embossed Moss Stitch Ribbing”

  1. Emilee Says:

    What an interesting texture!

  2. Nicole Says:

    Yes, a very interesting texture – totally simply, mindless sock worthy!

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