Wave Edging

Wave edging

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca silk dk

Needles: US 6/4mm

Gauge: 5 stitches per inch

Pattern: Wave edging

Stitch Repeat Count: Variable; 14 rows

Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns

Page: 367

Knit by: Laurie Osborne

This one needs good blocking. Here is the swatch BEFORE blocking:

wave edging unblocked

This edging is one of my favorites. Since I think you can get the best sense of an edging when you actually see it on a garment, I include a picture of my Very Harlot Poncho http://farm1.static.flickr.com/186/416566476_979556e2a1_o.jpg on which I used this edging:

 poncho with wave deging

This garment was a worsted weight alpaca blend. As you can tell this edging also looks nice in a more substantive yarn.


4 Responses to “Wave Edging”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Wow – this is a great post – it really helps bring context to the potential of the pattern – much more than the book! An excellent example of how great this project can/will be!

  2. Emilee Says:

    What a great post! Thank you for showing us the pattern “in the wild!”

  3. elan Says:

    Very beautiful, it’s nice to see the unblocked vs the blocked, lets us know not to despair if it doesn’t seem like we can knit to the pattern before it’s blocked.

  4. Cate Says:

    Thank you so much for having covered this edging! A group of us are making a blanket for a friend and this is the pattern for the edge. Four different knitters are making the sides so this is a big help.

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