The Gingerbread Castle

The Gingerbread Castle, originally uploaded by kathynorrisdesigns.

Yarn: Lion Brand Babysoft, Bubblegum
Needles: US #6
Gauge: 5 sts/1 in
Pattern: The Gingerbread Castle
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns (book 2)
Page: 242 – 244
Difficult Techniques, if any: The only difficulty is keeping track of where in the instructions you are.
Knit by: Knitting Muse


10 Responses to “The Gingerbread Castle”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Great swatch – really well photographed too!

  2. missbitesalot Says:

    Wow, I really like this! I’m suddenly inspired to make some kind of fairytale afghan with a giant forest and this castle in the middle! :)

  3. kathymarie Says:

    Fantastic work! Looks great!

  4. Amy Says:


  5. Elizabeth GM Says:

    Lovely swatch! I’m incorporating this panel into a sweater for my kid at the moment, and would offer this additional advice: knit the panel either in a yarn that has some give or, if knitting with something like 100% cotton that has little stretch to it, then knit with a needle that’s a size or two smaller than what you might normally use for that yarn.

    • Mary Nuzzo Says:

      What did you do about arows 37-41? Row 37 goes from 50 sts down to 43 or 45 (the same with rows 38-41). Row 38 requires 50 sts to be worked properly as do subsequent rows 39-41. I am currently working this patternand need to find a solution to these rows. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

      • sweetcaroline Says:

        There is no reduction in the number of stitches – you are TWISTING two stitches across each other, not knitting them together. There is a chart available on Ravelry for the entire pattern.
        (In the interest of full disclosure) Yes, I do have a vested interest in this. I sell the chart for $1.00 on Ravelry.

      • Mary Nuzzo Says:

        Thanks for your help. After I posted about my problem, I sat an reread that section of the pattern and realized I was to purl each of 2 sts behind not p2tog-b. I made it through to the end without any other problems.

      • sweetcaroline Says:

        Oops, I mis-spoke. There are five pairs of stitches K1tbl, NOT twisted around each other. sorry

  6. BeadKnitter Says:

    Years ago my mother-in-law knit this pattern into a pillow, but she never stuffed and finished it. After she passed away I got it. I should get it out and finish it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane (knitting is the thing that made my MIL and I so close).

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