Rickrack Ribbing

rickrackribbing, originally uploaded by kathynorrisdesigns.

Yarn: Cascade 220, pink
Needles: US 8
Gauge: approximately 4.5/1 inch
Book: Treasury of Knitting Patterns (book 1)
Pattern: Rickrack Ribbing
Stitch Count Repeat:  Multiple of 3 sts
Page: 44

Knit by: Knitting Muse


2 Responses to “Rickrack Ribbing”

  1. Ann Eckman Says:

    A couple years ago I did a “Multiple of Stitches” index from the first two Barbara Walker Treasury’s.
    If you are interested in adding it to the Walker Treasury Project please let me know. It is done in EXCEL and very easy to use.

  2. Carol Mello Says:

    I bought a dark gray cardigan from Macy’s sales rack made using this stitch. I love the sweater and it took me until today to figure out the name of the stitch; this color picture was a great help. It’s beautiful stitch and makes a very cozy fabric. Now that I have identified it, I intend to knit something using it.

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