Little Wave

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Yarn: Knitpicks “Mainline” in Dusty Lavender
Needles: 5mm
Gauge: worsted (4.5 sts to the inch)
Pattern: Little Wave
Book: A Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns
Page: 144


4 Responses to “Little Wave”

  1. bluepeninsula Says:

    That’s a lovely swatch. It made me get out the book and look at this pattern, which hadn’t really registered with me before.

    Great photo, too!

  2. prairiepoppins Says:

    It’s a really neat pattern, and lays flat at the bottom without any edging. I’m thinking it would make a lovely bottom 1/4 of a sleeve, especially if you carried a repeat all the way up onto a saddle shoulder or a raglan shoulder.

  3. Karrie Says:

    This is a really nice one that I have ever noticed before. Looks great!

  4. Dana Says:

    Did you notice a mistake in row 4, that it should have started P3 instead of P2?

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